Security, Resilience and Change in a Digital World

An International Security Consultancy

Othrys Limited is an ethical security consultancy, working internationally, to help governments and businesses create, implement and operate their security strategies more effectively and more efficiently.

What do we do?

Digital security and resilience: We help you be as secure as you need to be. We help you know and respond to your vulnerabilities, risks and reputation

Technology: We help you find, understand and use technology to your advantage.  We give you access to brilliant, hard-to-find companies.  We help technology businesses grow, and we offer market access and product development support to technology companies

Information and intelligence: We help you understand and decide.  We use the best available information technology tools operated by world-class analysts to help you gain the knowledge and insight you need to make better informed decisions


Who are Othrys?

We are a group of senior career-professionals from defence, intelligence, legal, security, development and diplomacy. Internationalists by background and instinct, our leadership team and Associate network include senior British, American, South Asian and North European partners and consultants.  

Our team have rare skills and know-how, including languages and deep cultural awareness. We have extensive government, legal and corporate connections, providing global access and connections and market penetration. We also work with and through a carefully chosen network of like-minded, specialized, partner companies around the world that provide wide ranging subject matter expertise.

We are united around a public-service ethos and strong core values. We believe in long-term, working relationships in which we roll our sleeves up, get our hands dirty and share risk alongside our clients. We continue to want to achieve worthwhile goals, to the highest standards, working always with people who share our values.

We work with...

  • The corporate sector including businesses, finance, legal and insurance
  • Governments, their departments, agencies and ministries
  • Government partners and public sector businesses
  • International and non-governmental organisations
  • Links to some of our partner companies with whom we work are found in the website footer.

Why Othrys?

Unmatched Operational Experience

The Othrys team brings together former senior operators from the worlds of defence, security and intelligence. We have massive accrued experience and the rare ‘operators’ advantage, gained from working in some of the most challenging national and international environments.

Core Values that Matter

Committed to the core values inherent to public sector service, our processes are built on long-term client relationships and trust. We are here for the journey, motivated by the desire to protect homelands and individuals, advance prosperity, preserve peace and enhance the influence of the good. Do we need to spell out what our values are?

International Reach

With an international network of associates and experts of various backgrounds, languages and specialities, we are positioned to operate confidently in countries across the globe. We converse easily with Governments and businesses across the world.

Innovative Understanding of Security

We are passionate about fusion across security disciplines, between departments and agencies, within public and private sectors, and between the state and civil society.  We have vast experience of finding bespoke and scaled security solutions that blend the conventional and unconventional, the traditional and innovative, and the human and technological. We are sensitive to cultural and national norms, practices and approaches.

Digital Resilience and technical security

Having operational experience from both the offensive and the defensive perspectives, we are unusually well positioned to provide our clients with advice about, plus assistance and access to the most effective security technologies, policies, procedures and cyber security solutions. We are particularly experienced – and are innovating in – the area of human behaviours in the cyber dimensionand organisational digital health

Business and Market Acumen and Access

Our blend of commercial and security expertise allows us to import best practice and cutting-edge innovation between public and private sectors. We help clients navigate complex requirement-to-solution systems and architectures, while helping businesses develop and deliver the right security solutions at the right place, the right time and for the right client.